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Incumbent Worker Training Fund

The Incumbent Worker Training Fund offers training support to businesses in Dorchester, Kent and Queen Anne’s counties with a plan or an interest in training their current working individuals. The applicants must not be contractual employees.

All trainings must result in a credential that confirms completion.


Expected outcomes include at least one of the following:


  • Improving alignment of existing workers’ skills with evolving job requirements

  • Providing participants with access to new career opportunities within a business or industry

  • Encouraging worker retention through the promotion of up-to-date skills training

  • Increasing wages of incumbent participants

  • Creating new opportunities for entry-level workers by providing opportunities for promotion of existing workforce

  • Supporting and enhancing local and regional economic environments


Training support is defined as expense reimbursements for:


  1. Occupational classroom training and up-skilled certifications in a defined, career pathway

  2. Work and learn strategies such as:

    1. Cross-training work assignments within the company

    2. In-house proprietary training using current employee trainers

    3. In-house proprietary training from outside vendors

    4. Outside training vendors performing training at locations outside the business


These may be combined to provide a specific learning goal that relates directly to the qualifications for a promoted job title and/or a defined career pathway within the company. Training expenses will be a maximum of $5,000 per company, with a targeted training rate
of $1,500 per individual, though the targeted rate per individual is negotiable.

To learn more or to express interest in the IWT, please contact
Business Services Coordinator Bob Zimberoff:

Below please find documents related to the IWT.

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